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Blue Reflections
[written September 15, 2005]
It'd been three days since I'd quit my job and I hadn't even looked for another one. Didn't scan the newspaper classifieds; didn't bother with any unemployment hot-lines. I just didn't have the ambition. My mom would've told me, "You need more drive; you need to do something!"
In that case, I probably would've said, "Do what? Waste my time with a job I hate? Where is that going to get me?"
All I had been doing for those three days was sleeping. I'd watch television but I was never really watching it. The static of hollowed voices rang out and sang to me, kept my body company while I laid in a semi-coma. The light blue from the screen would dance off of my face and make my pale skin look even more pale. I didn't care.
At night, I would wander around in places I probably shouldn't have been. The first night, I walked down a dimly lit alleyway that could've easily been the back-end of an abortion clinic. Not a clean one, either. Toward the end it just got dark
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The Morphine Waltz
[written 09.26.2005]
Well, everything turned out fine.
I needed to feel something, anything, so I gave a guy a call to help me acquire some morphine. This guy and his wife were crazy, but they're decent people, I suppose. Whatever that means.
I showed up and knocked on the door as instructed. The door opened a few seconds later and a tiny and pale figurine answered. Her teeth, the front two, stuck out a little and suffered a gap.
It was like something out of a horror flick, really. Any scary movie with children in it freaks me out. You know that deep, hopelessly abandoned feeling those little bastards give you just by looking into those piercing eyes of theirs? This girl had a bad case of it, and in all the worst ways.
"Hey... Uhm, is your dad here?" I asked. I was startled and thoroughly creeped out.
Her head tilted a little and the dark brown void in her eyes somehow grew larger. "Hi, Jason."
I would've shuddered from the cold, lonely pit of a place that alleged greeting originated f
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You Met Me At A Strange Time..
24 August, 2005
You Met Me At A Strange Time in My Life
In the dark, we're all the same. Massless and invisible, some sort of microscopic amoeba in the darkest pit of planetary history. Meaningless; usefulness in uselessness. Each 24 hours the sun will still rise and at the half-way point it will meet the dark, the moon its rep, slightly tentative in its emergence. As light and dark combine, the two astral bodies float purposefully in their orbits. All of this will happen regardless of whether you live or die, whether you are real or part of my imagination.
My imagination, it often runs on overtime. As the two astral bodies cross and exchange paths, as one becomes subordinate to the other, my mind wanders and makes up words. Bitter, resentful words that meander about and into each other, to form these maladaptive phrases and these letters, how fucking alien they really are.
Everything that is beautiful is going to die. Sometimes I like to just sit and observe everything my conscious aw
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May Death Reign...
25 August, 2005
May Death Rain Upon this Gothic Cathedral
It's like everything that I can touch and smell and feel is diseased. I walk through a plethora of dead and decaying homogenous genetic mutations, all a little bit of the same but shaped into something seemingly different. Some sort of shatter-smile disguise to blind the ignorant and evade those with sight.
I took a walk one night. Clambering through the midnight air were the sounds of people resting, of crickets chirping. The ordinary and expected. It took an extra sense of urgency for me to find wealth in the things I experienced around me.
The same sounds every night, the cars whooshing by, the cats creeping around in the neighbor's bushes, distant sinal rumbles receding silently into the back of the skull. No one knew I was sitting outside. No one on the block even knew me or knew I existed.
Existence is a slippery thing to ponder. With the billions of people on this planet, there isn't enough spatial availability to imagine
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Inciting Rage
31 August, 2005
Inciting Rage
It was such a rash and unpredictably volatile thing to do. A flurry of rage and anger took everything good-natured inside of me and twisted it up until it couldn't breathe any longer. At this point, I felt like I was choking on my own spirit, like my internal organs were being squeezed, squeezed, squeezed until nothing was living to function.
Anymore, I've been getting odd tinges of hatred that manifested from what seems like nothing. This enmity, deep-rooted and seemingly without any beginning, something that feels like it's just been with me since the dawn of my existence, is starting to overcome me. Sometimes it feels like it's all that I am.
I look at you. You're just sitting there with a concentrated look in your eyes, not paying any attention to me or my longing gaze. You are all I ever wanted, for as many years as I can count. Finally, just when it seems that you've finally reached out to me, I feel the tears sting my eyes as I realize I can't keep
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United States
I'm just a guy with a computer and artistic tendencies. Here to learn and share and all that good hippy-sounding shit. I am also just a bit sarcastic.

Current Residence: Home.
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Favourite genre of music: Anything "out-of-the-ordinary."
Favourite photographer: My wonderful sister.
Favourite style of art: Anything abstract: drawing, digital, painted, etc.
Operating System: Using Windows 7 but have no problem with Macs.
MP3 player of choice: My Android Phone. Fuck your iPod (despite my Mac comment above).
Shell of choice: Have tons of XP shells on my other PC but I have W7 on this PC.
Wallpaper of choice: Whatever piques my interest at that precise increment of the linear concept of time.
Skin of choice: My own, even though it never tans.
Favourite cartoon character: GIR from Invader Zim.
Personal Quote: Everything that is beautiful is going to die.
I wish I could figure out how to get one of the jpegs I want to use to get down to the required size. Seems like no matter how I try to dick around with 'em, it just doesn't want to work. Anyone wanna help a brother out? ;-)
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